Extra/Ordinary exhibition will delve into how new media art can transform what is ordinary into extraordinary and in doing so re-enchant and enrich our daily lives through new experiences. The Exhibition sponsored by Siemens Home Appliances.

Ceren and Irmak Arkman

Felix Luque Sanchez (Spain)
Lia (Austria)
Joanie Lemercier (France / Belgium)
Can Büyükberber (Turkey / USA)
Paul Myoda (USA)
1024 (France)
Fernando Velazquez (Uruguay / Brazil)
Ursula Berlot (Slovenia)
Jonathan Monaghan (USA)
Selçuk Artut (Turkey)
Mary Sibande (South Africa)
Sebastien Lacomblez (Belgium)
Ali Miharbi (Turkey)
Wayne Barker (South Africa)

Siemens Home Appliances Exhibition Area 
curated and produced by gridistanbul
Artist: Daniel Iregui (Colombia / Canada)
Artwork: "Control No Control"

Video: Emre Köktaş
Music: Radiohead "Supercollider"


With the ever increasing speed of change and the number of images we are subjected to every day, it has become harder than ever for the artists to catch up with the times and capture the imagination of the masses. New media claims to do just that. And while doing so it transforms the art audience and the art institutions themselves. As new media continues its experimentation with novel ways of doing art, Plugin will continue experimenting with better ways to present new media.

Artists; Felix Luque, Memo Akten, Onformative, Ryoichi Kurokawa, Semiconductor, Joanie Lemercier, Lia, Field, Sougwen Chung, İdil İlkin, Aziz + Cucher, Quayola


Natura Nova

Natura Nova represents new media's questions/answers pertaining to today and tomorrow of our world.

Art has always been obsessed with representing nature in an effort to make sense of the world and the life itself. These presentations have taken various forms over the ages, developing in relation with the changing times; but the fascination with nature itself and the quest to capture it best remained the same.

The exhibition will try to present the current dialogue between our new and evolving world and the new media -the art genre that aims to capture this novelty at its best. All the artworks in the selection will provide new and unique answers from the artists to the problem of what constitutes a representation of nature.


For the second year running, the New Media Section of Contemporary Istanbul, Plugin will be showcasing what’s best in digital art and design in the 1000 square meter area next to the main exhibition space. Plugin, which was a spectacular success last year, has a very large scope, which sets it apart from other fairs of its kind. It focuses not only on video art, but also on presenting as many examples as possible of the wide array of genres that make up the digital art and design scene: sound and light installations, interactive and generative design, indoor mapping projects, robotic designs to name but a few. 

Plugin aims for variety not only in its choice of works but also in terms of its participants. As a fresh addition to the fair scene, Plugin accepts not only commercial galleries but also design, architecture and motion graphics studios specializing on large scale light, sound or interactive installations. Even digital agencies with an eye for what’s novel and pathbreaking in digital art and design are welcome. Istanbul is now the place to be for anyone working in digital art and design -with an increasing number of motion graphic studios and digital agencies, which can boast to be among the best in Europe; with the upcoming Istanbul Design Biennial, which will run coterminous with Contemporary Istanbul; with major international digital design festivals like OFFF Istanbul and Grid taking place in Istanbul over the last couple of years; and with ever growing sales in video art and a new hype for collecting digital art. The fair will not only provide lucrative commercial opportunities for artists and galleries, but also be a platform for studios to showcase their work and get future commissions. 

Plugin also brought a novel approach to fair design with its bold choice of using only black walls in its first year. Coupled with lower than normal lighting throughout the section, this choice was informed by the belief that positioning new media works in normal art fair settings did not do justice to the genre. It also gave the section a unique identity that made it possible for Plugin to stand out while still being an integral part of the fair. This will remain to be a lasting trademark of the section marking not only Plugin’s presence in Contemporary Istanbul but also its dedication to providing the best possible environment for exhibiting video art and new media.