Digital Nature Exhibition by Grid Istanbul@Vakko Zorlu Center, Sergi Kürasyonu 

The exhibition aimed to create a vision of future, a digital nature for the visitors at VAKKO Zorlu Center Store on the occasion of Contemporary Istanbul and its accompanying new media project Plugin.

Bringing together two key pieces of new media art that tries to tackle questions regarding the definition and the future of nature, the DIGITAL NATURE exhibition invited its guests to reflect on a not-to-far away future, where technology will become our natural habitat.

The exhibition was curated by GRID ISTANBUL, which also manages the PLUGIN new media section of Contemporary Istanbul.

Contemporary Istanbul ve yeni medya projesi Plugin ile eş-zamanlı gerçekleşen sergi, VAKKO Zorlu Center mağazasında ziyaretçiler için bir gelecek vizyonu ve bir dijital doğa tahayyülü yaratmayı hedefledi.

Doğanın tanımı ve geleceği ile ilgili sorulara cevap bulmaya çalışan iki önemli yeni medya eserini bir araya getiren DİJİTAL DOĞA sergisi ziyaretçilerini teknolojinin doğamıza dönüşeceği çok uzak olmayan bir gelecek üzerinde düşünmeye davet etti.

Serginin kürasyonunu aynı zamanda Contemporary Istanbul’un yeni medya projesi Plugin’i yöneten Grid İstanbul ekibi üstlendi.

Exhibited Works:

oscillating continuum


Format: Audiovisual sculpture / 2ch square display, 2ch 
Year: 2013
Duration: 08:00 loop
Dimensions: 924 x 800 x 422 ( mm )

"oscillating continuum" is an audiovisual sculpture presented as a dual white structure. The two components that make up this structure wouldn't stand up straight if it weren't for them keeping balance through a joint plane.

Intrinsically, every force and matter in our universe are oscillating continua. We maintain successive equilibrium by keeping bias and inclination.

The dynamics occur when the stability breaks down; the higher the instability is, the more it has the possibility of intense energy. The structure of this work micro- and macroscopically exhibits these laws. The audiovisual components inside of the structure states the disorder in an order. Two different images with complementary and opposing elements balance the duality in the periodic flow.

by Loop.pH

Sonumbra is part of an experimental body of work exploring how fibre-based technologies from photovoltaics to low power lighting, can be crafted to provide light and shade for a community of people. Strands of light are laced into huge parasols with the potential to offer shelter from the sun by day and shed light for a local community at night using energy collected from solar cells embedded in its canopy: much like a giant tree would. In effect, Sonumbra can be viewed as a futuristic tree; it is the harbinger of technology as nature.

Various versions of Sonumbra has been exhibited globally in prestigious exhibitions, festivals and museums. The latest version on display at VAKKO is the first version ever with changing colors. Sonumbra is also important in that it is totally hand-woven; it is conceived as a fabric that can take any shape and emphasizes the importance of hand-crafts -providing an exciting link to and affinity with the Vakko brand.